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The staff at Winterset Dental enjoy working together. We genuinely care about the office, the patients and each other. We strive to make your visit pleasant while meeting your dental needs.


Heather was raised in Ankeny, Iowa, and attended AIB where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Business Management.  She has served in several roles from medical billing to a barista.  Heather is happily married to her husband, Ron, and has two grown children, Erin and Alicin. She joined our practice in February of 2018.   


Rae Jean is our Business Office Manager and a Registered Dental Assistant. She had worked for

Dr. Keul since 1999 prior to Dr. Elliott taking over Winterset Dental. She previously worked at Iowa Oral and Maxillary Surgeons. She is married with children, grandchildren and two dogs to keep her busy. She enjoys spending time with family, fishing, riding my motorcycle and doing some volunteering. She states, "I really enjoy my job - never the same thing. I have really enjoyed learning new things since Dr. Elliott has taken over the practice. I work with a great group of people who truly care about our patients."


Alexus is our newest Registered Dental Assistant. She previously worked at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Central Iowa. Alexus enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Wesley, and their two rescue dogs, Sammie and Saige. She also enjoys spending time on their farm with their cows and hunting. Alexus states, "My favorite thing about dentistry is that we can always help people love their smile."


Shelley was born and raised in Michigan. Although she is surrounded by Iowa fans, she is an avid Michigan Wolverine fan through and through. “GO BLUE!"  Shelley has two grown children and three grandkids. Shelley recently moved to Winterset and is still learning about small town life but loving it so far!  She knew since she was 12 years old that she wanted to be a dental hygienist! 

She first became a dental assistant, and after 17 years she went back to school to fulfill her dream of becoming a Dental Hygienist and has been living her dream since 2006. In her down time, Shelley enjoys riding on the motorcycle and playing with her dogs.  Shelley joined Winterset Dental in 2019 and is hoping to make Winterset her permanent home!

Therapy Dog

Shadow is an Aussiedoodle two year old. She is gentle and calming to our patients and loves to greet you. You will likely see her come in briefly and say hi or greet you at the door. However, if you are not comfortable with our therapy dog, just let us know. We will keep her back in the office away from you.  

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