Meet the Staff

                                           The staff at Winterset Dental enjoy working together!
                                    They really care about the office, the patients and each other!
                           They strive to make your visit pleasant while meeting your dental needs.

  • Our Dental Assistant and Business Office Manager:
    Rae Jean
    Rae Jean is our Business Office Manager and a Registered Dental Assistant. She has worked for Dr. Keul since 1999 prior to Dr. Elliott taking over Winterset Dental. She previously worked at Iowa Oral and Maxillary Surgeons. She is married with children, grandchildren and two dogs to keep her busy! She enjoys spending time with family, going to her twins' sporting events, fishing and doing some volunteering. She states, 'I really enjoy my job - never the same thing. I have really enjoyed learning new things since Dr. Elliott has taken over the practice. I work with a great group of people that truly care about our patients.'
  • Our Dental Hygienist:
    Mary (Kate)

     Mary (Kate) is a Dental Hygienist and has been with the former Dental Associates and Winterset Dental for many years. Mary likes to confuse people on whether to call her Mary or Kate - either works!!! She truly enjoys Dr. Elliott and this staff!  She appreciates the ability and desire of the staff to work well together and to do what is best for the patients' needs. Mary enjoys keeping up on current research in periodontics and oral hygiene. Mary has a daughter and son and three grandchildren. She was born and raised on a farm south of Winterset. She enjoys her family and being involved in her church, volunteering at the Historical Complex.

  • Our Dental Assistant:
    Morgan was raised in Greenfield and has been an assistant for 5+ years. She is a graduate of the DMACC Dental Assisting Program in Ankeny. She has worked for Dr. Michelle Mercer for five years before transitioning to our office. Since transferring to our office in December of 2016, she has quickly learned our procedures and is continuing to take on new products and procedures that Dr. Elliott throws our way. She states, “There is a great variety of procedures and ways to educate our patients that there is never a dull moment here!” She loves her dachshund, Sassy, and spending time with her friends and family. A few other things she enjoys doing is supporting local musicans and artists, poetry. blogging, and reading.
  • Our Dental Assistant: Shawna Jackson

    Shawna is a Registered Dental Assistant with over 20 years of experience in the dental field. She is married with two kids and lots of pets. She enjoys working with flowers, gardening and going camping in her free time. She is a Winterset graduate and joined our practice in May of 2018.

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